Google My Business Ranking

On this page, we are going to talk about GMB ranking and the correct strategy to apply. There are many ways of going about setting up a Google My Business page, but only several of those strategies produce results. Google My Business has the potential to be the most significant marketing asset for a small business. It hasn’t always been like this. Google My Business pages weren’t the most popular thing even ten years ago. The evolution of popularity for Google My Business and the activity that it creates is unmatched in today’s Internet marketing field. Because GMB optimization and marketing are so highly requested, we have stayed diligently focused on producing results specifically for Google My Business pages. Delivering top tier results for our customers is the priority here at Best SEO Copy.

Claim your listing

If you haven’t already, you want to claim your listing so that you can obtain ownership of it and begin making the necessary changes inside of your Google My Business page. The first step towards correctly optimizing your GMB page is to claim your business on Google maps.

Complete your Google My Business profile

Completing your Google My Business profile is an essential step in fully optimizing your GMB page. Google likes to have all of the information filled out inside of their Google My Business pages to give the best rankings to the most engaged GMB pages. Google loves engagement from business owners on their GMB pages. That engagement means if your Google My Business page is filled out 100% and your competitors are only 60%, you are going to get more visibility than them. We encourage all of our customers to stay up to date and in tune with their Google My Business pages to help keep them fully optimized.

Keep hours updated

Having incorrect hours can result in negative reviews. We have seen this with a couple of customers over the years and is the most critical reason why keeping your hours up the day is vital. Also, having the right hours is excellent customer service, since your customers are always getting information with accurate information through GMB pages. Google My Business also has specific areas you can put in detailed hours for Christmas and holidays.

Review management

Supervising, responding, and managing your reviews on Google My Business pages remains an important factor in ranking at the top local pack. By directly replying to your reviews, it shows that you stay engaged with customers who have taken the time to write something about your business. Customers can see that when you respond to your reviews on GMB and stay engaged and Google rewards through your online ranking. We do suggest that it’s best to respond to all the reviews and not just the positive or negative ones. Some businesses tend to only respond to the negative reviews from a visceral reaction. We understand that responding to a negative review is a knee jerk reaction at times, and it’s best to respond to all reviews thoughtfully and reasonably.

Why choose Best SEO Copy?

Our organization is an excellent option for your Google My Business ranking because of our experience, our desire to produce page one, position one results, and our in-depth knowledge of Google My Business pages. Our team at Best SEO Copy stays dedicated to providing the best Google My Business marketing optimization as we fully understand positioning. We stay up-to-date and informed on the newest techniques the strategies being introduced to GMB pages each month. Between our desire for results and our customer service directive, we have some of the happiest customers in the country. We encourage you to give us a call or send us an email, and we will show you what quality customer service and Google My Business optimization looks like at 100%.

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