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In the past, SEO writing has focused on search engine satisfaction. The algorithms were less sophisticated. Therefore, raw techniques like keyword stuffing worked. In fact, many businesses have climbed to the top of Google pages with bad and unreadable content. As you can imagine, the first SEO content may have satisfied the first search engines, but online consumers were not so pleased.

In today’s digital world, SEO content has come a long way.

SEO content marketing has to do with content writing that aims to get your content showing at the top of search results. The way your content is written will go a long way in determining how well you rank on the search engines. It is always better for your content to appear on top of the search results as this will lead to more conversion and, ultimately, more sales.

The lack of good and useful content meant that internet consumers had few authoritative sources of information to make purchasing decisions. People are satisfied when they read SEO-friendly and useful content. As search engine algorithms improved and people began to understand the importance of good content as a tool for internet marketing, SEO writing began to evolve.

Now, this is called SEO marketing and is one of the most effective ways to get a business promoted on the web. Gone are the days where businesses share content that are not useful and dense in keywords. These days, your content should be written with your targeted audience in mind. First, it must be filled with relevant and useful information.

It is not often that you see SEO and content marketing merged together. However, if you want to see better results and conversion in your marketing campaigns, its vital to develop an integrated approach that involves SEO content marketing.

Here, are some tips that will help you write good SEO content:

Keywords – knowing the words that are searched more frequently in your industry can be put to good use. You want to ensure that your content has these words strategically placed such that your web page can show up when people search using those keywords.

Picking keywords – you can do this by researching the top keywords searched in your preferred niche. Select the ones that relate to your business.

Paragraphing and using Subheadings – Your articles and posts should have paragraphs and subheadings. Not only does this make for better reading, but it also helps for better placement of relevant keywords and indexing on the search engines.

Don’t stuff keywords – this is a common practice with many website owners. They find a keyword that converts, and they stuff those keywords in every available space in the articles.

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